Calvary Bible Church


WCBV 105.9 FM

Fresh Traditional Christian Music, Bible-Based Teaching & Preaching

WCBV_StickerWe think you will find in WCBV something unique and refreshing in Lima. We broadcast distinctively conservative Christian music that brings honor to the name of Christ, and blesses your soul by bringing you nearer to the Savior. Our sound is different—you will not hear music that sounds like rock and roll, or country, or rap, only with different words added to it. By God’s grace, the music is Christian in every aspect—separated from the trends, sounds, and errors of the secular world.

WCBV History

In the year 2000, a new class of radio station was authorized by the FCC. This class, called Low Power FM, was created to allow community-based non-profit educational organizations and governments to operate radio stations and thereby better meet the needs of their communities. Calvary Bible Church was made aware of this opportunity through an unsolicited mailing in the summer of 2000. Upon initial consideration and prayer by the leadership of the church, we decided to apply to the FCC for a construction permit in January, 2001. Although we were quite uncertain as to whether we would actually go through with the construction and operation of the station, this was a step of faith to see how the Lord would direct us to proceed. Through a series of events that could only be properly understood as God’s intervention and directions, our application was approved and we received our FCC permit in December 2001. The issuing of this permit started running an 18-month clock, which, when it expired, would signal the end of the opportunity to construct the station. At this point we were still undecided on the question of whether we would proceed to build the station. As a church, we took the following 12 months to consider the opportunity, investigate what would be required, and most importantly, to concentrate our prayers, asking the Lord to help us discern His will in this matter. If we were to proceed, several major obstacles would need to be overcome. These issues, along with a myriad of others, seemed to accumulate into an insurmountable task that we were entirely incapable of performing. But God is bigger than our obstacles and able to break down any barrier to accomplish His will. Over the course of the year, one by one our perceived problems were resolved by a God that is “able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” (Eph. 3:20) So, in December, 2002, the members of Calvary Bible Church voted overwhelmingly to proceed with the construction of WCBV-LP. Then followed a period of intense activity. We had a deadline of June 17, 2003 to be on the air or else face the once-and-for-all expiration of our FCC construction permit. Plans were put in place and volunteers were enlisted to lead various portions of the work. Mr. Claude Paxton, a member of Bluelick Bible Church, another local church of like faith and practice in Lima, stepped forward to lead the daunting task of developing our program schedule and preparing the material for broadcast. Numerous members of Calvary Bible Church took on other aspects of the work such as converting a cluttered storage closet into a working recording studio and broadcast control antenna, securing the hardware and software needed to make the operations possible, and so on. Along with generous financial contributions by the people of Calvary Bible Church, God laid it upon the hearts of members of another local church—Marion Baptist Church—to assist in providing the necessary funds. Of course, the work continued to be bathed in the prayers of God’s people. As during the initial year, these final six months saw many major obstacles arise, only to be taken out of the way by the God who makes all things possible. By God’s grace, we intend to be on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from this point forward until Christ returns, or God directs us otherwise. A famous man of God once challenged us to “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.” We have attempted, and God has accomplished. We pray and expect that He will continue to work in mighty ways to bless this radio ministry. We don’t fully know all of the ways in which God will use this work, but we are excited to see what He will do. We consecrate this station to God. It is His work; he made it possible, and He will provide what is needed to sustain and maintain it. For our part, we commit to God that we will strive to operate this station in a manner that brings glory to His name and that of His Son Jesus Christ, and points people in the Lima community toward Him. May God grant us His grace—His supernatural enablement—to allow us to live up to this goal.